Fellowship Baptist Church exists as a body of Believers
whose Faith is established in Jesus Christ and grounded on the Word of God: and
whose Focus is to magnify the Savior
so that He receives the Glory and people are drawn into the family of God.


Why Fellowship Baptist Church?

Of all the churches in Weatherford and Parker County, why should someone choose Fellowship Baptist Church? For that matter, of all the Baptist churches in Weatherford and Parker County, why Fellowship Baptist Church?

Fellowship Baptist Church is a small church. Yes, we may be too small for some people. But we feel that right now, our size is perfect for where God wants us. There several advantages of a small church. For a few examples, if you want to have a relationship with other church members, it will be very easy to do so in a small church like Fellowship and more difficult in a larger church. If you need the care of a pastor who knows you, you will find that personal care more in a smaller church like Fellowship, than a larger one. If you go to a large church that has lots of “programs” and lots of staff to run the programs, you’ll find that you have less and less input in the decisions that are made about the ministries of the church. Rather than having a bunch of “programs”, Fellowship Baptist Church offers opportunities for you to get involved in ministry. One thing is for sure: If you’re looking for a church where you can hide out and be invisible, Fellowship Baptist Church is not the place!


What to expect

We are a very friendly church that loves to fellowship together. You will often find a group of us around town on Sunday having lunch together at a local restaurant.

Our services feature traditional congregational hymns and we often have special music from our members. Our sermons are Bible-driven messages, aimed at very practical application. Learn more about our Pastor, Craig Beaman.

We don’t have a dress code, but we do ask that you wear something! Come as you are… and leave as changed person!

Opportunities for this Week

10AM Bible Study
11AM Worship Service
12PM Lunch on the Town
6PM   Bible Study


6:00PM Prayer Meeting


Links to Follow
The following links include our ministry partners and Bible Study resources.

  • Bible.com An online Bible resource with various Bible translations to choose from, devotionals, Bible reading plans and mobile apps
  • Parker Baptist Association Our local network of Baptist churches in Weatherford and Parker County.
  • Center of Hope The Center of Hope is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping others break the cycle of poverty in Parker County – building relationships with accountability.
  • Texas Baptists Our network of Baptist churches throughout Texas
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